Democracy & Progress is a public policy blog, started in 2021, focused on promoting progressive ideas that can help further democracy and improve our society. D&P focuses on topics and issues relevant to Californians at both the state and national level, and tries to be as progressive as possible while still accounting for political reality.

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Democracy is the cornerstone of our society, and ours is in bad shape — we can fix it. So much of our laws and regulations originate at the state-level, and it's there that the real change happens. For years state-level reform has gone unnoticed and unappreciated. That's where D&P comes in.

D&P is a one-person shop. Brian Schrader is the primary author behind everything you see at D&P. He's a writer and software developer in San Diego, California.


  • D&P is powered by servers running on 92% clean and renewable energy. Running this site causes ~0.02875 mtCO2e to be emitted into the atmosphere per year (the same as driving a typical car for ~72 miles).


Like it says above, Brian Schrader is a software developer, writer. He is also a small-business owner. While the topics discussed on D&P can be from any domain, Brian's expertise and opinions as a person working in technology may come to the forefront in some proposals. In general D&P is not a technology policy blog, however when technology, and especially the Internet, are relevant to the discussion they will be included. In every way, Brian seeks to ensure that any proposals put forth on D&P are not self-serving. They are always aimed towards promoting a better world for all Californians and Americans.

Where it is needed, Brian will clarify any possible or apparent conflicts, but in general topics requiring too much clarification or justification will be avoided.